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Camel Safari Tour Rajasthan

Day 1: Jaisalmer-Ramdevra-Biramdevra-Eka
Arrive at Jaisalmer, the 'City of Desert'. From there you travel to Ramdevra, named after Baba Ramdev, a Rajput saint who took Samadhi here in 1458 AD. Travel in Rajasthan, India on your camel safari towards Biramdevra. Reach Eka. Overnight stay at Eka.

Day 2:
Modon ki Dhani - Khichen
Continue the Camel Safari in Rajasthan, India, to reach Modon ki Dhani and then Khichen. Overnight stay at Khichen.

Day 3:
Lordia - Jamba - Meghwalon ki Dhani
Covering the other three camel safari destinations when you travel to Rajasthan, India, Lordia, Jamba and Meghwalon ki Dhani; stay overnight at Meghwalon ki Dhani.

Day 4:
Chaku Lal Ji ki Chakki
From Meghwalon ki Chakki reach Chaku Lal Ji ki Chakki to stay overnight.

Day 5:
Khangarbera - Chimana
Next day reach Khangarbera and move towards Chimana where you have an overnight stay.

Day 6:
Dadarwala - Saisar
Reach Dadarwala and proceed towards Saisar.

Day 7:
Dhingari - Kishanasar
Proceed to Dhingari and reach Kishanasar.

Day 8:
Pithasar - Bikaner - Deshnokh
Reach Pithasar to complete your Camel Safari Tour in Rajasthan, India. Drive from Pithasar to Bikaner via Deshnokh to conclude your safari travel to Rajasthan, India.

Rajasthan Camel Safari
Rajasthan Camel Safari Camel Safari with Taj Mahal Camel Safari Tour Rajasthan
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